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"I see amazing potential with so many empty spaces like rooftops, balconies, and vacant lots. It's exciting to see the abundance of urban gardens and green spaces that it made me realize the vital role honeybees will serve as residents of Detroit."


Our Mission

Bees in the D is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to create a cooperative effort between residents, schools, organizations, and businesses in the city of Detroit and Southeast Michigan to contribute to both the health of honey bee colonies and the education of their importance to our environment.

We have introduced 9 million bees and manage over 160 honey bee hives at over 50 locations, across 5 counties, and in 2 countries. 

busy bees building the motor city's Bee Highway.



HOTELS & convention centers

Promote sustainability and use the honey in their kitchens and catering.



Use honey from their hives in their food and drinks menus.



Introduce students of all ages to the importance of pollinators and the environment, while providing a hands on learning experience inside the beehive.

Brian presented the importance of the honey bee in a meaningful way that did not scare, bore, or intimidate audience members of all ages.
— Juliet Jozwick - West Bloomfield, MI

What We've Achieved

  • Placed 6 hives in 2016, 29 in 2017, and over 100 hives in the 2018 season, and 160 in 2019!

  • We maintain an apiary at Oakland University to educate about honeybees and their conservation.

  • Advised Detroit's City Planners about writing ordinances in favor of beekeeping within city and urban communities.

  • Partner with local businesses to use our local honey in their menus and products.

  • Place hives within community gardens to increase crop yields for enjoyment of the community.

  • Maintain 5 honey bee hives atop Cobo Center's Living Green Roof.

  • Ambassador with The Honeybee Conservancy and other pollinator groups.

  • Present to neighborhood groups to ease misconceptions and apprehension of community hives.

  • Work with local children's groups, boy-scouts, girl-scouts, and LEGO leagues.

  • Hold interactive presentations at nature centers and DNR about pollinator gardens, beekeeping, and other pollinators.

  • Organize honey harvests to engage the public and educate about the process.

  • State of the art Hive Tracks Software used to compile data and reports for clients and data compiled for the betterment of beekeeping globally.

Contact us for more information on our beekeeping services, swarm captures, and presentations.